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        Rita makes learning Chinese easy and fun. She has adapted to my learning needs and uses a methodology that works best for me.

        We meet at coffee shops, restaurants, and sometimes go to Chinese movies. Outside of class, she sends me helpful recordings and vocabulary sheets based on what we did in class together so that I can practice on my own.

         She has helped me progress with my conversational Chinese and is a great tutor and friend!


Adult Student


Occupational  mandarin

        We are the parents of a 9 year old student of Ms. Rita Zhang's Texas Mandarin Tutoring.  Our son Victor met Rita in March 2016 and had never taken a foreign language class before.  
      Within weeks, Victor has been able to understand and communicate the basic tenets of Mandarin with confidence. 
Rita uses a wide variety of activities and games that makes lessons fun and challenging for him.  Victor has begun to understand vocal emphasis and speech patterns that he can demonstrate when he gets home. ​
      We could not be more happy with the results and look forward to Victor's continued learning and growth with Texas Mandarin Academy!

I love the feeling I get when my Chinese friends say “Wow, good Chinese”. I owe that compliment to Rita's training. 

Her lessons have brought me from not knowing a single word of Mandarin to 

pronunciation that impresses my friends.
I can’t wait for each session to see what new approach Rita will take with my learning. It is wonderful to have a tutor who can adapt the lessons to my needs and keep it 


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   Ms. Rita is a very nice teacher, and she makes me feel great learning a new language!"  

Mark & Vina

Kid student's parents

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