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Practical Experience

Selects appropriate HSK/ IB/AP/HSKK-related materials and works around people's particular strengths and weaknesses to maximize the chances of people getting the best test score possible. Mandarin Chinese classes in Plano

3 levels: Basic/Intermediate/Advanced

HSKK Piramray- advanced Chinese tutor in Plano HSK tutor in Fairview HSK tutor in Plano


Dynamically learn Mandarin, through speaking naturally, using real conversation.

Lesson plan is around what you will ACTUALLY use .

Business  Mandarin



Who want to use Mandarin in their daily lives or on trips

3 levels: Basic/Intermediate/Advanced

A Native Mandarin Speaker

Over Eight Years’ Experience in the Training Field

Passionate about teaching, builds strong relationships with students

Dynamically learn Mandarin in playing games, listening to the songs, painting, and watching the movies.

Who need to prepare for any Mandarin tests

Helps business people who need to communicate with China to avoid social blunders. Highly relevant study materials and individualized instruction are critical for business people when they prepare for their business activities in China.

3 levels: Basic/Intermediate/Advanced

Texas Mandarin Tutoring

100% target-language teaching

Social/Travel Mandarin


Helps people who need to use Mandarin to communicate with Chinese people in their work life or to improve relationships;helps make your trip to China more enjoyable by learning practical Chinese phrases and expressions. Chinese tutor in Plano HSK tutor in Plano mandarin tutor learn Chinese

Who need to use Mandarin to communicate with Chinese clients or coworkers


For Adults





​​​Who needs Texas Mandarin?


Adapt the content, the style, and the pace according to the student’s  personality , learning style, and  learning goals.

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Language Coach

Real life learning

 Focuse on daily expressions.

Who need to learn/keep Mandarin 

Business People

​​What  can we do for you?

Helps children who would like to master a new language to help them become engaged in the learning process without endless hours of rote drills; helps adopted children from China and adoptive parents learn the Chinese language and culture.

Immersion class


Board Game

Kids Mandarin

HSK 1-6