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  • Help business people who need to communicate with China to avoid social blunders in less than 30 days.
  • Help people who need to use Mandarin to communicate with Chinese people in their work to improve relationships in less than 30 days
  • Help children who would like to master a new language to help them become engaged in the learning process without endless hours of rote drills in less than 45 days.

​​​​​​​                    Tutor Link- Chinese Calligraphy

​​​​1-on-1 Chinese tutor in Plano--Rita​ 

Learn Basic Mandarin Conversation in less than  30 days from  Level 0 

Chinese tutor in Plano

​​​​ Speak out with Chinese tutor in Plano

what you have learned with lots of confidence in 14 days

​                ​​​           Tutor Link- Learning          Arabic/French/Janpanese/Russian/Portuguese/Spanish/English

Teach Chinese in Plano

​​Occupational Mandarin

Chinese tutor in Frisco

teach Chinese in Plano

​Chinese tutor in Plano

​​​​​​​                    Tutor Link- Learning English & Spanish

Immersion Board Game Class for Kids


Learning Plans

Specific purpose Chinese tutor in Plano

Social Mandarin

chinese tutor in Plano

​Situational Approach
Practical Experience
Real life learning 
1-on-1  tutoring